Naive Theater Liberec
Czech Republic

Jukebox | Jukebox

directed by: Michaela Homolová
dramaturgy: Vít Peřina
narration: Kamil Bělohlávek
musical collaboration: Miroslav Ošanec
performers: Diana Čičmanová, Michaela Homolová, Veronika Košvancová – Khomová, Eliška Machová, Markéta Sýkorová, Bára Purmová, Kristýna Trojanová, Filip Homola, Adam Kubišta, Miroslav Ošanec, Marek Sýkora, Petr Štěpánek, Martin Šulc, Antonín Týmal, Vít Peřina

Theatrical concert in your direction

A moderated musical quiz and an energetic theater concert performed by the whole ensemble and many other employees of the Naive Theater Liberec on the occasion of the anniversary of the jukebox! Under the leadership of the accompanist Míra Ošanec, the group SOK was born – Skoro opravdická kapela [Almost a Real Band]! The audience chooses the songs themselves in a giant theatrical jukebox. The playlist is full of hits, all time-tested! A mixture of genres from the 1960s to the present day. Pop, rock, country, punk, R&B, folk music. To dance to, to listen to and watch. Everyone’s choice! Each song is accompanied by a live staged “clip.” Although the selection of songs is limited, the band’s performance knows no limits.

The Naive Theater Liberec has been known for more than sixty years by audiences and experts as a high-quality puppet theater. It regularly travels to international festivals around the world (China, Japan, Mexico, Taiwan, USA, Canada, etc.). Since 2003, Vít Peřina, perhaps the only author of theater texts for children and youth in the Czech Republic, has been working here as a dramaturge. Since 2021, the new director is Kateřina Pavlů and the artistic director is Michaela Homolová, an actress and director who has created several legendary productions here (The Lamb Who Fell from the Sky, ŠŠŠŠ. ŠŠŠŠ. HŮŮŮ. HAF! etc.) The Naive Theater Liberec annually prepares the festival Mateřinka, aimed at the audience of preschool age (this year was the 27th).


100 min.
alternative stage