Puppet Theater Ostrava
Czech Republic


author: Malina Przesluga
directed by: Ada Tabisz
set design: Karolina Kempinska, Sara Spławska
music: Dominik Skwarek
performers: Jakub Georgiev, Martin Legerski, Marián Mazur, Karolína Hýsková, Richard Liberda, Jana Zajacová, Ondřej Vyhlídal

There was once a gang of pigeons. They had their own territory, their own rallying cry, their own rules. For example…all the members of the gang had to be of pigeon descent. One day a sparrow was hanging around suspiciously. And he was making weird insinuations… like he had something against pigeons. What cheek! The gang wouldn’t tolerate a member like that. Unless he showed the whole gang that he was not afraid. And that maybe they were the ones who were really scared! Who invented the chant, anyway? And all those rules?

The Ostrava Puppet Theater is a professional theater institution with three stages (alternative stage, main stage and amphitheater). The Alternative Stage opened in 2011 and presents productions with a more intimate cast and more interactive approach to the audience. The main stage has more traditional themes and execution, and is just plain large (main in this case does not mean more important!). The amphitheater was built next to the alternative stage and is used extensively, especially in the hot summer months, by visiting companies and local productions with a minimalist stage concept.
Each year, the theater stages three to four new productions for different age groups (toddlers, pre-school and school children, teenagers and adult audiences). It also offers a diverse selection of arts and education programs, which grows each year. In every odd year, the DLO also organizes the Spectaculo Interesse festival: this year is the 14th edition of the festival. From 1990 the director was JUDr. Jarmila Hájková and since 2023 the theater has been led by Alena Punčochářová.


60 min.
without subtitles
main stage