Where is the Boundary of Puppet Theater?

A discussion on the old familiar topic of puppetry with leading Czech theoretician and editor-in-chief of the magazine Puppetry Kateřina Dolenská.

host: Michal Zahálka, translator and theater critic

You know what puppeteers have been talking about for decades and still can’t get enough of it? Simply: with the removal of the screen in the last century and the arrival of the actor on the stage, an endlessly reiterated theme emerged in the puppetry milieu. Where is the boundary between puppet theater and actor’s theater? Who determines that line? And let’s address an even more basic question of puppet theater: what is a puppet? How would we define it? What can be part of puppet theater and to what extent is the actor involved? What does today’s puppet theater look like? What does a puppet look like in the 21st century? The palette of means of puppetry is undeniably expanding: camera and live cinema, projection, animation of materials, object theater, art performance…And the question for discussion is: when is it still puppet theater? What are the trends in contemporary European and world theater? And what if the puppet disappears…


60 min.
Studio G