Š.E.M. Theater

Palculienka | Thumbelina

author of the original work: Hans Christian Andersen
libretto, dramaturgy and direction: Veronika Trokšiarová
set, puppets and costumes: Michaela Urbanová
music: collective
performers: Michaela Dzamková, Ľuboš Janák, Alžbeta Palanová, René Sorád, Patrícia Stehelová

A story for everyone who has ever felt lost, small and looking for a way to grow up again

Palculienka is born in a museum where old exhibits and their inhabitants start coming to life: frogs, bugs, a mouse and a mole. Each of them wants Palculienka for themselves. Each of them wants to appropriate Palculienka as a toy, an ornament… But Malenka doesn’t want to be treated as a thing!

Š.E.M. Theater is an independent group whose members are graduates of the Faculty of Puppetry at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. It is dedicated to contemporary theater and audiovisual work for children and adults on three platforms: street puppetry, stage works and audiovisual work. The production of Palculienka was created as a school project at the Puppetry Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts. The subsequently established Š.E.M. Theater took over this production in its repertoire.


45 min.
alternative stage