The One Who Went Up a Hill And Had a Look Around

South Bohemian Theater – Little Theater
Czech Republic

Ten, který vylezl na kopec a rozhlédl se | The One Who Went Up a Hill And Had a Look Around

author: Blackhorse Mitchell / Alexander Stipsits / Petr Hašek / David Košťák
directed by: Petr Hašek
translation and dramaturgy: David Košťák
set design: Ján Tereba
research, film contacts, directorial collaboration: Alexander Stipsits
music: Václav Hoskovec

The mythical story of a Native American boy according to reality

Wide rocky plains, herds of grazing sheep, long horseback rides, archery, camping, hunting, listening to local gods and legends, drawings in the sand, the warmth of the family fireplace, tradition and an endless horizon…But what lies beyond? The true story of a boy from the Navajo tribe reservation who longed to see beyond the horizon.

The Little Theater in České Budějovice is the fourth stage of the South Bohemian Theater (since 2004), alongside the drama, opera and ballet. It focuses on work for children and young audiences in high schools and colleges. The theater’s chamber stage is also the home stage of the baby-punk band Kašpárek v rohlíku. The Little Theater also creates summer productions for the revolving auditorium in Český Krumlov every year. The current artistic director is Petr Hašek, who is also the artistic director, director and founder of Geisslers Hofcomoedianten.

75 min.
Trojhalí Karolina