The Colours

Těšín Theater, Bajka Stage
Czech Republic

Barvy | The Colours

direction, concept: Braňo Mazúch
set design, concept: Jan Brejcha, Mikoláš Zika
light, sound: Roman Mračna, Vojtěch Chobot
performers: Dorota Grycz, Ewa Kus, Wanda Michałek, Jakub Tomoszek

Interactive performance full of lights, sounds, atmospheres and moods

Red and green. Purple! Orange? Mix purple and cyan, and there’s blue! Deep, heavenly. Azure and yellow will become green. It calms you down, takes your hand and says – come on, everything is as it should be. Yellow will make you happy. White will soothe you. Black is nothingness when the sun goes out. But there is a glimmer in it! Vibrant and full of endless possibilities…

Bajka is the puppet stage of the Těšín Theater. It performs not only on its home stage, but also in the region, on both sides of the Olše River, and it also makes guest appearances abroad. Bajka is unique in that it creates productions in two languages, Czech and Polish, thus meeting the needs of the region in which it operates.
Bajka became an integral part of the Těšín Theater in 2008 and thus joined this contributory organization of the Moravian-Silesian Region. Jakub Tomoszek is currently its artistic director. Since 2020 Bajka has been playing on the Little Stage of the Těšín Theater.


50 min.
alternative stage