The Big Bang

Klaipėdos Lėlių Teatras a Itim Ensamble
Lithuania, Israel

Velký třesk | The Big Bang

directed by: Zvi Sahar, PuppetCinema
set design, assistant director: Aušra Bakanaité
puppets: Aušra Bakanaité
music: Kobe Shmueli
light design: Scahar Peggy Montlake, Paulius Vendelis
performers: Monika Mikalauskaité-Baužienén / Renata Kutaité-Raudoniené, Vytautas Kairys, Kęstutis Bručkus

How life may have begun and how it may end

With the Big Bang, life in all its colors was born! A life full of diverse people, cultures and cities was born. In a miniature world full of modern conveniences, we follow the story of a peaceful robot and his dog. But one day it’s gonna rain! A world full of iron, electricity and modern conveniences may well collapse and disappear again…

Klajpeda Puppet Theater is a new independent Lithuanian theater constantly looking for new ways to express puppetry on stage. It is the only professional repertory puppet theater in Western Lithuania, including a program for toddlers. The theater’s repertoire includes classical productions as well as modern foreign and contemporary authors. Since 1997 it has been organizing the important puppet festival biennial Materia Magica.

50 min.
main stage