Sonia and Alfred

Teatro Gioco Vita

Sonia a Alfredo | Sonia and Alfred

based on the novel by Catherine Pineur
directed by: Fabrizio Montecchi
adaptation: Enrica Carini, Fabrizio Montecchi
assistant director: Tiziano Ferrari
puppets: Nicoletta Garioni, Federica Ferrari
music: Paolo Codognola
costumes: Tania Fedeli
light: Anna Adorno
performers: Denis Azhar Azari, Tiziano Ferrari

Dance and puppet production with poetic atmosphere

Alfredo is seeking a new home. And in the deep forest he meets Sonia, who has never left her house. The friendship that develops between these two creatures is stronger than all the difficulties that await them. The shadow theater about two strange birds, Sona and Alfred, will draw you into the world of puppets, shadow theater and dance positions.

The Gioco Vita Theater (1971) focuses on the genre of shadow theater and has long collaborated with renowned puppet theaters and opera companies. Their vision is focused on opening a new perspective on theater for children. Their productions have toured the USA, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Japan, China, Israel, Taiwan, Turkey and the whole of Europe.


50 minutes
main stage