Slunovraty Petra Nikla

Slunovraty Petra Nikla
film screening with discussion

directed by: Pavel Jirásek
script: Pavel Jirásek
Editing: Jiří Kubík
dramaturgy: Martin Polák
cinematography: Marek Jícha
creative producer: Dušan Mulíček

A time-lapse documentary capturing the personality of Petr Nikl.

Winner of the Jindřich Chalupecký Award, multiple winner of the Czech Book Award and the Golden Angel Award in the alternative music category, Czech painter, musician and performer. Pavel Jirásek’s documentary introduces Petr Nikl as a jack of all trades with unifying principles of creation and traces his journey from theatrical and performative activities with the exchange of various roles and the use of fanciful disguises and games with personal identity. The concept of the documentary is based on 9 areas of his work, each of which is also a shooting situation and each of which is filmed in a specific genre, i.e. acting and visual stylization: puppets, books, paintings, graphic sheets, music, staged photography – mask + disguise, performance, interactive project, art of time. All this is accompanied by a distinctive and original life testimony of Petr Nikl, who looks back at his life so far, his past career and presents an imaginary vision of where he will go in the future.


60 min. + 30 min. discussion
gallery PLATO Bauhaus – cinema