Reunion | Reunion

The walk of the puppet mortals after a thirty year hiatus with the immortal puppets.

Who will lead whom? Who will dance and whistle? What kind of game would it be without a conductor? A fair of dance, music and painting skills of marionettes, machines and mobile objects.

After a three-decade hiatus, a few older boys reunite over the puppets and objects they enjoyed playing with in their youth. They add a few little ideas about how to visually entertain yourself through the puppet portal.

Petr Nikl, František Petrák, Tomáš Volkmer, Tomáš Absolon are personalities who express themselves as authors and independent artists. However, they sparked a passion for marionette figures and similar visual objects while still in high school. They were so enchanted by them that they created a private world of living images and objects for themselves, which in the meantime come to life behind the puppet theater portal with their distinctive creations. They perform together on an irregular basis, so that inertia does not turn their fun into tedious work.


90 min.
gallery PLATO Bauhaus – cinema