Ř. I. P.

Czech Republic

Ř. I. P.

directed by David Ficek

A humorous puppetry variation inspired by the fairy tale The Big Beet.

When you go out into the world, no one can guarantee that you’ll survive. It might be a horror movie! Around every corner lurks greater and greater danger. The only thing that can save you is that you’ll also get bigger and bigger…

The oldest puppetry department in the world, founded in 1952 by Josef Skupa and renamed in 1991 by Josef Krofta to the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theater. Individual disciplines focus on exploring the very essence of what we call theater. The faculty focuses on exploring the areas of primary theatrical functions, examining the divisions between the traditional theatrical professions of directing, dramaturgy, stage design, acting, costume design, music and dance, with a particular emphasis on collective work in which these professions are disrupted, overlapping, intertwined and undoing hierarchies, especially within the rehearsal process, which is seen as the core of theater making in the department.


recommended age 5+
20 min.
Studio G