Po Whorkshop – Pinocchio

Lecturers: Hana Volkmerová and Jana Vozáriková

A reflective workshop, or a creative workshop reflecting on the puppet show currently on view, will be held for the children’s audience and their teachers. In each of these workshops, the children, together with two experienced theater lecturers, will try to reflect on what they have just seen, experienced and perceived at the performance. And it won’t be just a verbal reflection! This joint retrospective will take the form of various games and exercises based on the principles of drama education. In this workshop we will not just sit and talk, but we will also move, maybe sing, maybe snap our fingers, maybe shout, maybe write and draw, maybe choose, maybe consider, maybe listen, maybe decide, and maybe build on each other. But we will definitely collaborate, think critically, express ourselves creatively and communicate with each other. And it would be unfortunate not to name the main theme of the production!

45 min.