Lutkovno gledališče Maribor

Pinokio | Pinocchio

author of the original work: Carlo Collodi
direction and adaptation: Matteo Spiazzi
lecturer: Metka Damjan
costume designer: Mojca Bernjak
puppet and set designs: Primož Mihevc
performer: Miha Bezeljak

Mistakes are often the only way in human life to understand the world

The stage is a carpenter’s table with tools, and Pinocchio is initially represented by nothing more than a wooden hammer, the handle of which depicts that wickedly long nose…The woodworking tools come to life and the pieces of wood on the carpenter’s table become a playful and spirited world.

The Maribor Puppet Theater was founded in 1973 by merging two amateur puppet theaters in the city: the KUD Jože Hermanka Maribor Puppet Theater and DPD Svobody Pobrežje. The 1974/75 season is considered the first professional season of the newly founded Slovenian puppet theater. The theater was founded with the aim of preparing productions and regularly performing puppet shows for children in the home hall on the first floor of the Maribor library building. As the quality of the productions grew, so did the interest of festival organizers and the theater quickly became internationally recognized. In the autumn of 2010 the Maribor Puppet Theater moved to the reconstructed building of the Minorite Monastery.

40 min.
alternative stage