Pimprle and the Bandit

Drak Theater and Bratislava Puppet Theater – Co-production
Czech Republic and Slovakia

The Registered Association of Czech and Slovak Puppeteers presents: Kašpárek a Zbojník
The Registered Association of Czech and Slovak Puppeteers Presents: Pimprle and the Bandit

script, dramaturgy: Peter Galdík, Tomáš Jarkovský
directed by: Šimon Spišák and Jakub Jakub Vašíček
set: Karel Czech
costumes: Tereza Vašíčková
music: Daniel Čámský
production: Barbora Kalinová
performers: Šimon Dohnálek, Milan Hajn, Pavla Luskyová, Ľuboš Janák, Frederika Kašiarová, Ľubomír Piktor

Did you know that Czechoslovak puppetry is on the UNESCO World Heritage list? And did you know that on the 30th anniversary of the collapse of Czechoslovakia, a production was prepared that deals with this legend against the background of relations between Czechs and Slovaks? No? Ladies and gentlemen, sit back and relax as the registered society kicks off this year’s Spectaculo Interesse! International cooperation, international relations and the phenomenon called puppetry can begin!

The Drak Theater and the Bratislava Puppet Theater formed a creative co-production duo to create this unusual and unique production with a Czechoslovakian twist. The Drak Theater is a theater whose work is based not only on the tradition of East Bohemian puppetry, but also on the principle of original authorial creation for children and adults based on imagination and novel inventiveness. Under its new director and dramaturge Tomáš Jarkovský (2020) and artistic director Jakub Vašíček, the theater is primarily dedicated to theater for teenage audiences and has expanded its offer to include artistic and educational programs and annual conferences. Since 2016, the Bratislava Puppet Theater has had Kateřina Autilisová as artistic director and Peter Galdík as dramaturge (who moved to the Peter Bezruč Theater in Ostrava in the current season). The Bratislava Puppet Theater not only entertains and inspires the audience, but also gives them a space for spiritual growth and increases their cultural and artistic awareness: through art it wants to encourage the audience to practice tolerance and humanism.


70 min.
Czech and Slovak
main stage