Cirkus trochu jinak

Join us in a mysterious world. In this world, intangible moments full of surprises await you.

A mysterious world that is beyond reach. Giant inflatables floating above the heads of the spectators. The domain of the entire Theatro OCULUS is a helium balloon with the puppet of a fisherman floating on a 100-year-old turtle. Theatro OCULUS is preparing for Czech and European festival tours and international cultural shows. This is an evening one-hour performance with LED lighting full of acrobats and performers.
Production by: Cirkus trochu jinak z.s.
Idea and artwork: Milica Peterková
Painting and artwork: Honza Fiala, Radovan Adamíček

Cirkus trochu jinak (hereafter “CTJ”) is a creative, artistic and performing arts company founded in 2011. The history of CTJ’s activities dates back to 2006, when the founding members of the association began to work together on original programs and productions in the field of new circus and street theater. The purpose of our activities is the long-term development of the artistic scene of new circus and street theater in the Moravian-Silesian Region, together with the support of new circus cultural, educational and social activities and raising the cultural awareness of the general public about this artistic field. We present to the public an extensive repertoire of our own work at a wide range of cultural and social events in the Czech Republic. We focus mainly on public cultural events and festivals, street new circus performances and the creation of original programs for families with children. Under the guidance of experienced performers and lecturers we entertain children and young people of different ages, but also adults. The main priorities of our proven team are: safety, performance quality, visitor and spectator satisfaction and last but not least, personality. Since 2016, we have been continuously developing the regular international festival of new circus and street theater CIRCULUM in Ostrava-Poruba. We also successfully represent the Czech new circus scene at festivals abroad throughout Europe. CTJ’s professional team is also dedicated to educational, developmental and social activities. In 2014, we founded UmCirkum, a creative, educational and training center for new circus in Ostrava-Zábřeh, open to all new circus enthusiasts or otherwise athletically and artistically gifted creatives. As part of the year-round activities of the UmCirkum Centre, we offer the public regular courses, workshops, suburban camps and other events focused on selected circus disciplines – aerial, pair and ground acrobatics, juggling, tightrope walking, cyrwheel, equilibristics, balancing activities. For the artistic public, the UmCirkum also serves as a cultural residency, creating creative conditions for up-and-coming artists and circus enthusiasts to train, but also to create and prepare new artistic projects of new circus and street theater. We also link the activities of the UmCirkum centre in the social field in the form of a social circus. During our twelve years of official existence we have gained a lot of experience and knowledge, connected many talented, conscious and creative people and created a sustainable platform for education and artistic execution in the field of new circus and street theater.


60 min.
Masaryk Square