Fundacja Gra/nice

Bezejmenný/Neznámý | Nameless/Unknown

theme and implementation: Łukasz Batko
artistic supervision: Magdalena Miklasz
music: Łukasz Batko
set: Anna Adamiak, Radosław Pacholczyk, Aleksandra Batko, Masza Lesiak-Batko, Żaneta Małkowska, Łukasz Batko
puppets: Justyna Bernadetta Banasiak
costumes: Renata Batko
visualization: Piotr Osak
Illustration: Marta Kazimierczak
performers: Aleksandra Batko, Masza Lesiak-Batko, Żaneta Małkowska, Łukasz Batko

Personal stories locked in the suitcases of nameless migrants

The production, which is a cross between puppet theater, visual and physical theater and aerial acrobatics, touches on the difficult aspects of contemporary migration. The viewer seems to have boarded the ship, which is the main element of the expedition, and accompanies the characters on their journey to the place that will become their new home. During the journey, suitcases are opened and the stories of refugees emerge. This long, dangerous journey is the only way to solve the problems they face in their homeland, and no one can be sure of its end.

Fundacja Gra/nice is a theater that founded in September 2021 as one of the results of the work on the production “Nameless/Unknown.” The theater is composed of Marzena Lesiak-Batko, Łukasz Batko, Żaneta Małkowska and Aleksandra Batko, who work in various fields of art (theater of form, dance theater, acrobatics, music). The foundation’s activities are focused on the realization of performances, workshops and theatrical events touching on important topics that resonate strongly in the social consciousness of children, youth and adults.


60 min.
alternative stage