Animation Theater in Poznań

Krabat. Čarodějův učeň | Krabat

based on the script of the film by Karel Zeman, based on the book by Otfried Preußler
author: Malina Prześluga
conception, set design and direction: Marek Zákostelecky
music: Martin Husovský
performers: Marta Berthold, Julianna Dorosz, Katarzyna Romańska, Marcin Chomicki, Krzysztof Dutkiewicz / Artur Romański, Igor Fijałkowski, Marcel Górnicki and Piotr Grabowski

A mysterious story about magic and the purifying power of love

Krabat is an orphan who, in search of work, ends up in an old mill run by the brooding, one-eyed Master. The boy is convinced that he will become a miller, but the Master has other plans for him. Krabat, along with five other boys, becomes (somewhat against his will) his pupil in a school of black magic. It soon becomes clear that Krabat must fight for his life. And not just for his own life.

The Puppet Theater in Poznań, which had existed since 1945, changed its name in 1958 in line with its artistic development. The face of Teatr Lalki i Aktora Marcinek in 1960-1976 was determined by the successful work of artistic director and director Leokadia Serafinowicz. After Janusz Ryl-Krystianowski took over the artistic direction in 1989, the stage was renamed Teatr Animacji and became one of the most interesting puppet theaters in Poland.
The current director of the theater is Piotr Klimek.


60 min.
main stage