In Mixed Lines

Théâtre Désaccordé

Zamotané čáry| In Mixed Lines

directed by: Rémi Lambert
concept and script: Rémi Lambert, Sandrine Maunier, Philippe Guillot
set design: Sandrine Maunier, Philippe Gillot
dramaturgy: Jelena Sitar, Benjamin Zajc
music: Addie
sound design: Gilles Daumas
performers: Sonia Pintor, Amélie de Vautibault (in alternation)

A toddler’s trip into the fantasy world of children’s drawing

What kind of world do we create by scribbling on paper? The simple lines one over the other create an intimate space for the youngest viewers and consist of characters never seen before. A creative and free world, simply drawn, according to us and according to you. And we, as scientists, venture into the world of the unknowable…!

Theater Désaccordé (2008) is a French theater collective based on the principles of shadow theater. The founders are French set designer Sandrine Maunier and theater director and actor Rémi Lambert. Their work teeters on the edge of reality and theatrical fiction, and their productions are firmly connected to audience interaction, especially with children. The theater collective is also the founder of Polema: a regional association for puppet and object theater.


30 min.
alternative stage