Improvisations from puppets

Puppet Theater Ostrava
Improvisations from puppets

Professional supervision: Jana Vozáriková

A research probe into the not fully explored area of improvisation with puppet.

Did you know that there is an improv troupe dedicated to improvising with puppets? And do you know that it may be the only one in the country (or at least: it thinks it is)? Discover things together with this disparate group of puppets that would otherwise be locked away in a theater warehouse forever. In addition to a unique evening (where you’ll see something no one has ever seen before), we promise to ask you what the puppets should be performing.

The improvisation group, which was formed in the Covid era out of the need to create, explore, experiment and keep in artistic shape, consists of puppeteers, musicians, theater lecturers, a dramaturg and the designer of our theater in collaboration with a lighting designer. The desire to create materialized in regular meetings and the first successful performances. Through improvisation, puppets from derniére productions come to life in the hands of (not only) actors.


60 min.
gallery PLATO Bauhaus – stage