Jiří Jelínek

concept and performers: Jiří Jelínek and David Smečka

A teenager’s quirky take on the daily festival scene.

Fagi is a 13-year-old girl who sees the world from her uncompromising teenager’s perspective. A view that can be too peculiar for some, even brash, sometimes simplistic, sometimes cutting to the quick, or a precise evisceration of the essence, or the proverbial hitting of the nail on the head. However, it is definitely worth listening to Fagi, registering her opinions, or even seeing her live. The audience of our festival will have the opportunity to do this, as Fagi will remark on everything that happens at the end of almost every day of the festival, both on the stage and among visitors, guests, festival personalities, representatives and partners, in the actors’ dressing rooms, during the trips of ensembles from abroad to Ostrava and so on and so forth. You can look forward to an extraordinary festival coverage by Fagi, which will be the last puppet show of the day and will close it with Fagi’s own uncompromisingness. Fagi will also be commenting on all festival events in a daily short comic on our theater’s Facebook page.

Fagi’s father is the prominent puppeteer, glossator, director, actor and singer Jiří Jelínek, who brought her into the world thirteen years ago. Since then, Fagi has been appearing in comic form in various magazines and newsletters, such as Divadelní noviny, Zpravodajy Puppetry Chrudimí and on the Internet, where she has already caught more than 15,000 followers. Years ago, the World According to Fagi was created, which is very popular and widely attended by teenagers.


15 min.
theater tent