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Ángeles de trapo

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theme, audiovisual production, set and direction: Wagner Gallo
assistant director: Julio Gallo
carpenter: Antonio Martín
costume design: Iolanda Atalla
music: Kevin Macleod
performer: Wagner Gallo

Modern technology is a good servant but a bad master

The hero of the story is Steve, a young man who has long been completely absorbed by new technologies and virtual reality, experiencing monotony among the four walls of his room. But this time unusual events involves Steve in a series of events that leads him to making the biggest mistake of his life. Will Steve stop in time?

Ángeles de trapo is a family company with 40 years of experience in puppet theater, led by Iolanda Atalla, Julio, Maicol and Wagner Gallo. Since its inception, the company has been recognized for the professional level of its theatrical productions. The company is constantly trying to innovate, surprise the audience and break out of the established patterns in the world of puppet theater. Its recent productions have toured the world and have been included in the most important national and international festivals, and have won several awards.


50 min.
alternative stage