Come Here

Ultima Thule

Pojď sem | Come Here

authors: Griet Herssens and Rupert Defossez
music: Griet Pauwels
dramaturgy: Sven Ronsijn and Kobe Chielens
puppetry cooperation: Evelyn Meerschaut
set design and technical equipment: Rupert Defossez
performers: Griet Herssens and Rupert Defossez

An ode to imagination and fantasy

How far can an attempt to get back a ball that became stuck in the branches of a tree during a game take us? The pilgrimage to fantasy worlds begins subtly and ordinarily, which makes it all the more surprising. And yet the imaginary worlds still resemble the ones we know so well.

The Ultima Thule Theater was founded in 1993 by the merger of the Joris Jozef Puppet Theater and the Wannepoe Puppet Theater (founded in 1988). Ultima Thule, which was initially based in Antwerp, moved to Ghent in 2008, where it is still active today. In 1997, the theater staged its first adult production, Het Paard van Troje, under the direction of director Wim De Wulf, who became artistic director in 2001 and served in that capacity until his death in 2016. After his death, Sven Ronsijn took over the artistic direction.


50 min.
alternative stage