Dimitri Theater Academy, Verscio


direction, concept, set design, acting: Matilda Fatur, Nikolas Stocker, Nicholas Strubbe

A humorous puppet etude with several boxes

This black comedy combines the techniques of puppet and clown theater to create a story of friendship and sadness told without words. Join three naive but mischievous characters as they struggle with emptiness and sadness in their lives. Their shared imagination creates strange new worlds: filling the void with mail packages, games and unexpected magic. Join us on a bizarre journey through life, death and cardboard boxes.

The Dimitri Academy (founded 1971-1975) was founded by a clown and actor from Ascona, whose name Dimitri still appears in the name of the school. Dimitri collaborated with his wife Gunda and Czech actor Richard Weber. A school was created whose main idea was to create a new way of theater hand-in-hand with circus art; the trio was inspired by practices from commedia dell’arte to clown comedy and pantomime. This goal corresponded with the new tradition of theater in general in the 1960s and brought about a fundamental contradiction between movement theater and drama theater, which had prevailed until then. The Dimitri Academy became part of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland in 2006. Gradually, other disciplines and degrees were created and a new Research Department was opened, which specializes in activities around physical theater, clowning and figurative theater.

recommended age 4+
35 minutes
Studio G