Christoph Bochdansky

Boom | In the Monkey’s Mouth

cinematography: Gregor Grkinic
music: David Müller
narration: Peter Wolf
sound: Mathias Kollos

Two short puppet films presenting the work of an Austrian puppeteer.

Puppeteer Christoph Bochdansky briefly presents his puppetry in his films, which capture his distinctive personality and way of making. Unconventional materials, a performative approach to the creation and animation of diverse puppets.

Christoph Bochdansky is an Austrian puppeteer based in Vienna.
From 1979 he studied stage design at the Mozarteum in Salzburg and in 1981 he moved to Bochum, where he completed his university studies at the Figurentheater-Kolleg. After his studies he was an actor in a number of puppet theaters, e.g. Figurentheater Lilarum. He then began to create his own productions, which he has since performed at international festivals around the world.
He has been a guest lecturer in the puppetry program at the University of Performing Arts in Stuttgart, at the Faculty of Puppetry at the Ernst Busch University of Performing Arts in Berlin and at the Theater Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. Christoph Bochdansky also produces films and documentaries and organizes exhibitions.


15 min. + 30 min. debate
gallery PLATO Bauhaus – cinema