Beak to beak

Academy of Dramatic Art in Krakow, Department in Wrocław Poland

Beak to beak

Author: Malina Prześluga
directed by Adrianna Maliszewska

A detective search for a missing pigeon legend

And who are you? Sparrow Přemek? Yeah? You should get out of here because we’re a gang you don’t belong in! What? Aren’t we right? That Janusz was not eaten by Dolores? And who else would eat pigeons…? The production of the students of the second year of puppetry presents the Polish legendary text by Malina Prześluga in both puppet and drama versions. The adaptation of the text from 2013 to current realities thus expands the original number of characters and brings a distinctive statement in two plans.

The Academy of Theater Arts (AST) of Stanislav Wyśpiański in Krakow was founded in 1946. Since 2017, it exists under this name, originally named after Juliusz Slowacki, introduced under the abbreviation PWST. At first it focused primarily on acting, in the 1950s it also opened up to the study of directing and puppetry: among the school’s legendary graduates is Jerzy Grotowski, the founder of the Poor Theater and specific author’s acting. The department of puppetry, which over the years moved from Krakow to Wrocław, celebrated fifty years of existence in 2022. This is a department where it is possible to study drama acting, but also puppet direction and puppetry. Currently, the entire school offers, in addition to directing in Krakow and music-dramatic acting, also puppet theater directing in Wrocław, dance studies in Bytom, as well as postgraduate studies in theater directing for children and youth. The director and choreographer Ewelina Ciszewska is the head of the puppetry department in Wrocław.


35 minutes
Studio G